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Mega Manboy

22. April 2008 // Comment // Filed under: ,

Everyone knows that Mega Man’s Japanese name is Rock Man. Without knowing the secondary characters’ Japanese names, some people don’t know that its Rock – as in Rock n’ Roll (Roll, being his hot sister’s name). Both names are fitting. To think that “Mighty Kid” and “Knuckle Kid” were considered. Then again, he is a kid, or atleast he looks like one. We have all seen what Mega Man looks like as a “man.”

Mega Man never looked so bad! Well, he almost has. It seems poor interpretations of the game art and theme wasn’t limited to the U.S. release. The European boxart was a closer match. But they went downhill with Mega Man 2, what happened? Who is that silver guy with a giant vibrator for an arm? Everything started to improve with MM3, a little. I think we all would have been better off with the original famicon boxart. Or better yet, any of these:

The boxart that should have been.

By darkwickus

Oh so herioc.

By Neolucky

Looking a little neurotic.

By Kyle A. Carrozza

Link under the spotlight.v

By Ethan, a.k.a Shouren

Link under the spotlight.v

By Vidar Cornelius

Link under the spotlight.v

By Ivan Escalante Victoria

Link under the spotlight.v

By Steve Emond

Link under the spotlight.v

By glauco , a.k.a. t-wong

Link under the spotlight.v

By Slip