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Mario Paint Music Mayhem

12. December 2007 // // Filed under: ,

Who said fanart needed to be visual in order to kick ass? Mario Paint was a great game for its time. It was easy for the player to make some quality fanart of Mario with the Mario-themed tiles, or you could just paint him if you had the artistic skill. But one of the most overlooked aspects of the game was composing music with about 16 different quirky sounds provided. Most of us who had no musical talent whatsoever probably thought it was impossible to make any coherent music. But some people, most likely years after first playing game, have given it another shot and taken the composer to another level with some pretty kick ass music, often from other video game titles.

One such musician, known on youtube as TomBobBlender, has covered a lot of retro game territory and his work, which is both pretty amazing as well as humerous.