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GotGame Fanart Contest

27. July 2008 // // Filed under:

The gaming media site GotGame is hosting a fanart contest. They’ve got some cool prizes too so check it out! The basic information is as follows:

Prizes: All prizes are available as cash via Paypal, deviantART subscriptions or print accounts, and dA merchandise.
    Grand Prize Winner:

      - $250 USD
      – Prominent bio on the Featured Artists Page on the GotGame site and on the dA journal.
      – GotGame T-shirt

    First Runner-up:

      - $100 USD
      – Backlink to your dA site from the GotGame Featured Artists page and on the dA journal.
      – GotGame T-shirt

    Second Runner-up:

      - $50 USD
      – Backlink to your dA site from the GotGame Featured Artists page and on the dA journal.
      – GotGame T-shirt

    Five Honorable mentions GotGame T-shirt and a link from the GotGame contest page and dA journal.

Rules and Important Info:

    1. Submissions must be sent as 2400×1500px (or 8×5 in.) .jpgs at 300 dpi. Higher resolutions are acceptable, but it must maintain a 1.6 ratio.

    2. Email all entries to contest@gotgameu.com

    3. Along with your submission please include your:

      – Full Name
      – DA username
      – High-res images as attachments
      – Link to the Deviation(s)
      – E-mail
      – A short explanation for your inspiration and why this is your favorite character.

    4. Submission must have a Video Game character included (any platform-console, PC, handheld- preferably from a mainstream game)

    5. If you are doing more than one character in a submission, please no cross-overs unless it is a cross-over game. (i.e. CAPCOM vs. SNK, Kingdom Hearts, Smash Brawl, etc.)

    6. You must submit your own work, please no photo manipulations or collages of other artists’ work. We want these drawn or rendered from your own fingertips (mouse, tablet, pens.. pencils, you know what we mean)!

    7. Multiple entries per entrant are allowed, please submit them all at once.

    8. Previous artwork that have not been submitted to other contests are acceptable. However, it must not have been published before and they must have been created within the last year. However, We do encourage that you create new submissions for this contest.

    9. By submitting your work, you are giving GotGame the right to use and alter the images for promotional use.(We will give proper credits and backlinks, of course.)

    10. No adult content please.

    11. We must receive entries from at least 75 different participants, or the deadline will be extended until we receive submissions from 75 different participants. Help spread the word, we want a good pool of talent to show us their favorite characters.

    12. Deadline: September 15, 2008 midnight PST. (11:59 PM on Sept. 15)

    13. If you have any comments or questions please comment under this journal in case other users have the same question. Do not leave questions on our user page in case we don’t see them.

Tips on what we’re looking for:

    1. At least one character must be in the submission, does not have to be a full bodied depiction.

    2. Entries that are colored (b&w/gray scale coloring counts too!) will be given more weight than only having line art.

    3. Having a background will help boost up the appeal of your entry. It does not have to be an environmental background, we just want polished looking entries. Having graphical design elements or framing can help the composition even without a background. You want to impress your viewers, give it all you got!