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Ice Climbers Love Vegetables

1. April 2008 // // Filed under: ,

Ice Climber seems like a forgotten Nintendo franchise. Some wouldn’t even call them a franchise. They have many more cameo appearances than they do actual games. The two climbers, Popo and Nana, actually predate the Super Mario Bros. debut by several months (unless you include the original Mario Bros. arcade game), but never came close to reaching Mario’s status.

Thus, few know the unforgettable journey of those two ice climbers, who scaled 32 platforms of a mountain to retrieve the village vegetables from a giant bird. With that said, it’s strange that the final enemy is sometimes a polar bear with sunglasses and pink shorts.

Another interesting note: this game originally had seals as an enemy, but this was later changed to yetis. Bashing seals was seen as some sort of cruelty to animals. I suppose they preferred to see children slaughter the more human-like yeti and anthropomorphic bipedal bear.

With the inclusion of these two tiny aplinists in the highly praised Super Smash Bros. series, there may be hope in seeing a new Ice Climber game. The new Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been hailed as one of the best Nintendo games ever, let alone just on the Wii. We are still experiencing a spike in 2d games, as well as the recent throwback to earlier Nintendo titles on the DS. It may well be possible we will see the Ice Climbers again in the near future. Or maybe not. So as usual, here’s some Ice Climber fanart to numb the pain.

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By pinkx2

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By CoS-childofsin

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By Brad Elkins

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By Ben Boling

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Popo: vananovion

Nana: Brothershinto

Picture: Kiwi

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By Kevichan

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By SigurdHosenfeld

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By Mark Kelly a.k.a. fryguy64