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StarFox's Super FX Art

26. March 2008 // // Filed under: ,

Originally released in 1993, StarFox was a relative latecomer in the list of Nintendo’s most popular franchises. This did not keep Fox McCloud from being one of the more bad ass Nintendo characters, almost as bad ass as Samus. I guess only a few rounds of SSBB can solve that one!

Fox lead the Star Fox team, which included one infamously obnoxious toad Slippy, and eventually a young vixen, ill-fittingly named Krystal. Maybe because she first appeared in StarFox Adventures, which was originally a non StarFox game called Dinosaur Planet. That couldn’t have stopped them from giving her a more ironic name, congruent with the rest of the characters.

Starfox sported the Super FX chip. This allowed polygon rendering capabilities, and was used to render hundreds of polygons on screen at once. With all this attention to 3D graphics however, the actual character graphics took a backseat role. I for one always wanted to see a little more of Fox and his team, other than the 4 portraits and a few between-level pictures. Luckily, now we have more recent StarFox games. We also have sweet fanart for those who still suffer from withdrawal, even after 5 hours of playing as Fox in SSBB.

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By t-bone-0

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By Wil Overton

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By Daltair

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By themie

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By Ben a.k.a. Makkon

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By Daniel Walton