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Simian Spurned: Donkey Kong Fanart

11. March 2008 // // Filed under: ,

Before Mario battled giant lizards, he battled giant apes. Freakishly large beasts just have a thing for the little plumber’s women. This was before Mario’s woman was Princess Peach. The damsel in this arcade classic was Mario’s early 80’s fling, Pauline. Back then, Mario followed the holy scriptures and practiced carpentry – and he owned a giant gorilla.

His pet, affectionately named Donkey, was a villain of sorts. Many people think Donkey changed his ways, eventually sporting a tie, and joining in Mario’s fight against cold-blooded vertebrates. However, this was either Donkey’s adventurous grandson (son of Donkey Kong Jr.), inheriting the name Donkey, or DK Jr. all grown up. The debate still ensues, as there is plenty of evidence for both sides. Meanwhile the original Donkey declined into senility, earning a slightly more admirable name, Cranky.

The following gallery therefore depicts the original Donkey Kong and his descendant(s). DK fanart is few and far between, considering his immense popularity. The most he ever got is a few really crappy TV shows (did anyone ever watch thing thing?). This sweetheart of a simian needs love too!

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By Dirk Schulz

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By Stephen Arnold

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By John, a.k.a. toasttycoon

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By Ceth Stifel

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By Dylan North

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By Jacek a.k.a yoma82